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Saint Laurent Resole Package

Saint Laurent Resole Package

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Sole Guard

Give your Saint Laurent Soles a new lease on life with a thin protective rubber sole guard!

Our expert cobblers specialize in repairing and restoring high-end footwear, using only the highest quality materials and techniques. We understand the importance of maintaining the luxurious look and feel of your Saint Laurent shoes, so you can trust us to bring your favorite footwear back to their original glory.

This sole guard offers slip resistance and increased durability so you won't have to worry about wearing down the original leather sole. Just replace these sole guards and heels as needed. They look great too! Take a look at these elegant textured or mirror black sole guards to elevate your style and protection!

Our Saint Laurent package includes:

- Preparation of old, worn-out soles

- Cleaning and preparation of the shoe for the new sole

- Attachment of brand new, high-quality soles, including the iconic black of Saint Laurent

-Final inspection to ensure the highest quality standards

-Guarantee for the quality of our workmanship

Choose this resole package to extend the life and protect your shoes, so you can continue to enjoy their elegance and style for years to come!


What to do:

After purchasing your repair package please ship your Saint Laurent shoes to us.

Fred's Shoe Repair -- 3033 N. University st. Peoria IL 61604 

How It works:
Once they have arrived, your cobbler will contact you letting you know that they have arrived safely. Then, we will proceed to cobble away and complete your order! If we foresee any issues related to your shoes - we will give you options for repair. If you wish to have your shoes returned before the work has been started we will issue a refund for your order after the return shipping costs.
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