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When will I hear back?

We respond to emails within 24 hours unless otherwise specified. Please check your spam folder if you haven't yet received a response.

How long with my repair take?

Currently, our turnaround time is 1-4 weeks depending on our workload, complication of the job, and the specially sourced materials needed for your unique job.

Local customers will have received a pick-up date on your receipt of purchase.

Please send us an email for a more accurate time frame or if you are curious of the status of your repair.

How much will my repair cost?

Each repair is unique, and therefore not all prices will be uniform.

Once we see the item in person or by photo, we will give you an exact quote on what the cost will be to repair it.

We have created a few categories for purchase on this website with some common repairs and costs. You may refer to these if applicable to your situation.

I live locally - How does this work?

If you would like an estimate before bringing in your item, please email us and we will reply to the email within 24 hours unless otherwise specified.

If you would prefer, please bring your item to the store and we would be happy to look over your unique job with you and give you specific repair options.

Im not from Peoria IL - How does this work?

If you need your items repaired but don't live around the Peoria IL area, please choose from our wide ranging repair options to purchase.

*If you can't find a specific product please reach out and we will be happy to offer other options tailored to your needs.*

Once you have decided on which repair best suits your needs, please purchase the product from this online store, then ship us your project.

Fred's Shoe Repair

3033 N. University st. Peoria IL 61604

Once the project has been completed we will ship your items back to you as good as new!