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Fred's Shoe Repair

Metal Toe Plates Package

Metal Toe Plates Package

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Installing metal toe pieces can help prevent premature wear to the toes of your leather soled shoes. Recommended on only leather soled shoes.

With this process you can select which toe pieces you would prefer. We offer both Lulu and triumph toe taps. the toe taps will be installed flush to the outsole of your shoes, preventing any un-intended snags or tripping hazards.

If the sole leather on the toes of your shoes have been worn to a point where a leather build up is needed beforehand - we will do so.


What to do:

After purchasing your repair package please ship your shoes to us.

Fred's Shoe Repair -- 3033 N. University st. Peoria IL 61604 

How It works:

Once they have arrived, your cobbler will contact you letting you know that they have arrived safely. Then, we will proceed to cobble away and complete your order! If we foresee any issues related to your shoes - we will give you options for repair. If you wish to have your shoes returned before the work has been started we will issue a refund for your order after the return shipping costs.

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