Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots

As a recommended Thursday Boot Repair center, we take great pride in our quality materials and competitive pricing. The rubbers and leathers we use stand the test of time. We don’t cheap out on our materials or our patient craftsmanship.


The Dainite sole is a great all around rubber sole - providing a great rubber density for durability, and studded pegs for traction and grip. This is a similar but more durable sole than is what original to the Thursday boot. If you like what you had then this is the sole for you. Don’t fix what’s not broken.


At Freds we carry a great quantity of unique styles and types of Vibram soles. Anything from wedge soles to heavy lugs, Vibram is the most well known name in the industry. If we don’t have it in stock we will even special order according to your specific need.


Want to add a personal feel to an above average repair? Add some color! We have a wide variety of stitching colors for you at your request.

Our Thursday boot Resoles also come with a choice of basic condition , basic shine, or basic waterproofing - Depending what materials your boots are.

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